Tuesday, 9 February 2010

twenty three things...

I admit, I totally pinched this from Andrea (sorry), I just thought this was such a great idea.  I'm doing my utmost best to trap my motivation while it's there.  You just try and escape.  This level of determination calls for a Zorro mask, Amelie style.

1. Build a website
2. Eat a Knickerbockerglory
3. Post regular blog entries
4. Fill two polaroid films
5. Go to Ryantown
6. Launch a greeting card range
7. Re-pot my sad little apple tree
8. Decoupage my sewing box
9. Learn to crochet, make something

10. Get a First for something at uni
11. Watch a meteor shower (it's been so long)
12. Make one of these
13. Go to the Little at least once a month
14. Add a patch to Issy's quilt
15. Make fifteen recipes from my recipe stash
16. Order some fabric from Spoonflower
17. Say 'yes' more

18. Learn to do silkscreen printing
19. Organise a photo scavenger hunt
20. Get work experience in a studio
21. Be an explorer of the world
22. Feel hot sand between my toes (please?)
23.  Discover five new authors

I'll cross these off as I go!


  1. this is a really good idea! such a fun list too :) yeay i can finally comment on your things.
    i'll silkscreen with you!

  2. Will you??

    I spoke to Chimene today because I'm really concerned I won't get an opportunity to learn again; she's advised me to go in on Tuesday but said she can't walk me through the whole process because it gets so busy...she said she'll talk me through my ideas.

    You're welcome to join me, that way if we get stuck, we have each other on hand!

    Also, would you be up for a photo scavenger hunt...? :D

  3. well after easter i've signed up for the work shop. and you should come along for that, especially as i dont think soph is doing it any more. and i was going to try out other things in the mean time - photoetching, block printing, litho etccc but i guess i was going to wait till that workshop. plus on tuesday is the photo etching workshop i've signed up for. so if you're planning to do it then i dont think i can join you but later on we can silkscreen together. yes.

  4. photo scavenger hunt? why not eh! xx

  5. ah i've done a photo scavenger hunt, it's fun! how about we organise one together, get ella involved too!