Sunday, 28 February 2010

greetings, distant blog world

This dull and weary expression has adorned my face for the best part of a week now, as I struggle to find enthusiasm for my new project (and nasty little written assignments that demand my attention, bleurgh).  I have so much to chatter about and so little time!  What have I done this week, you ponder?


I experienced for a second time the musical talents of that lovely fellow from Ireland (although I am convinced he is actually from Middle-Earth and would love to hear from anyone who is united in this opinion).  Give Fionn's new album a go...once you have mourned the near-absence of acoustic guitar, you will undoubtedly love it.  His songs still read like stories, I assure you.  Moving along, I have been experimenting with dark room chemicals and photo printing (watch this space, I sense a new hobby is in the pipeline), went to see a lousy film at the beloved Little Theatre (don't bother; the only remotely engaging scenes are badly sequenced with a very twee portrayal of a lush meadowy Heaven), drew an Architect in a pub, went to see the witty and endearingly lovely Kathryn Williams and her new band performing songs that sound like summer, had a critique with illustrator Chris Long, watched Ray for the first time, went to a party dressed like a little girl and ate Party Rings (which never, ever fail to make me think of Bernard Black) and kept a food diary to aid someone's dissertation (which, admittedly, I have started again because I have eaten some weird stuff this week...).

So there you go, back to work I guess...stay tuned for some more updates!  Over and out.

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