Saturday, 28 July 2012

city sketches

A few bits and pieces I have been drawing for a map I'm busy creating.  I quite enjoy the black and white stage before the final coat of colour.

I imagine I'll look at the Wills Memorial Building in a new, illuminated way now.
I hope he looks as proud in my drawing as he does in reality.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

marvellous madeleines

Bristol has been one big party in the last few weeks (which perhaps accounts a little for my total lack of blog presence...I do apologise).  I think at least half of the population of Somerset must have been at the Harbour Festival last weekend, drinking cider, dangling feet above water, scooting around in little motorised boats, idly dotted across railway tracks, before half-heartedly slipping away at the sight of an approaching steam train.

One of the highlights for me were these delightful little Madeleines that we spotted on a French biscuit stall (I've been wanting to try some ever since I saw Michel Roux Jr cooking up a killer batch on MasterChef last year), enjoyed whilst snooping around a giant Naval boat.

(I love this city, I really do.)