Saturday, 2 October 2010

away it goes

This little chap will be journeying to Germany on Monday.  Inspired by the ever lovely Claire, I have signed up for a fun project which guarantees exciting post (as an alternative to Dominoes pizza promotions and pointless communications from BT) for me and someone else around the globe.  All you have to do is request an address of another postcrosser from and send them a nice postcard.  They will register your postcard as being received and then it's your turn to receive one from somewhere else in the world!

I have bought myself a pack of brightly coloured blank postcards from Paperchase's Spectrascope range and affixed a drawing to the front (by way of inkjet label).  It's entirely up to you what you send, whether its a charming vintage postcard, a pretty design or one of those amusingly drab looking townscapes, which are probably considered to be quite kitsch these days!

 The cold is on the mend and I have ducked out this afternoon to enjoy a rare spot of October sunshine and a stem ginger cookie at the local veggie cafe.  Mmm mm.


  1. ah your postcards will be extra lovely to receive!

  2. Thanks Claire!

    Got any more back?

  3. This is delightful! As is all your work and food updates! Truly beautiful, top job x