Saturday, 25 September 2010

work (experience) and play

I have been doing a lot of learning this week.
And what a lovely week it has been.

I have been encouraged to add a little bit of 'play' into my work, whether it's in ripping things up, drawing with my left hand, creating layers and textures or embracing wonky lines and pritt stick.  Why?

'What happens in life is that we become attached to doing "what works" or what is comfortable.  We get stuck in a comfort "habit".  This is fine if we want to have the same outcome over and over, but if we want to create something new we must always venture into the unknown.'  Keri Smith


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  2. Ooo I love a bit of Keri Smith, and this illustration is lovely :)

  3. hey dawn! This is really lovely, loving the offset and overlaid colours, i need some 'play time' too!! Where are you doing work experience? in Bath? xx

  4. Hi Lucy!
    I've only just see this comment, which is rubbish I know!
    Thanks for your kind words - yes, I did a week's placement with a card design studio in Bath. Sadly not yours! Perhaps a possibility for the future...! :)