Sunday, 5 August 2012


Feeling a little bit a lot proud of our British athletes this morning.  Last night saw three remarkable people pick up gold medals with unbelievable grace.  Screaming at the TV (in my case, laptop) screen has never felt like such a natural, required impulse, but I simply couldn't bear the idea of Mo Farah being overtaken.  Being, at best, totally miserable at any kind of sport myself (except for maybe swimming, when I put my mind to it), I am completely awed by the Olympian abilities that these people possess, how someone can throw their entire body over a staggeringly high bar without any kind of assistance, and then be equally adept at running at an obscene speed against so many competitors, or suspending their body upright in the air with only the assistance of a couple of rings attached to some ropes, held by a metal frame.  In my mind, it's probably the closest we'll ever get to having super powers (apart from, perhaps, a small number of supposed 'magnetic people' that I'm told exist, or the baffling abilities of the mystical Derren Brown).  I feel rather sheepish for the sort of apathetic way I dismissed the London 2012 Olympics a couple of weeks ago.  It's amazing to see so many people getting excited and supporting our athletes with such vigour and enthusiasm, and restoring a sense of pride that often seems absent in our rainy little country.  And long may it continue!  I can't wait to see Murray battle against Federer for gold this afternoon.


  1. I'm with you, a few weeks ago I wasn't really interested (think we'd had olympic overload here in the uk!) but have been enthralled this week, we really do have some amazing athletes! I really want Murray to win, after wimbledon I think he deserves it!

    1. Likewise! I think he can do it!! I was more than a bit heartbroken when he lost the Wimbledon final.