Tuesday, 8 November 2011


My desk is covered in pens and mugs once again, and I am enjoying the heat from my angle poise lamp and the sound of Jono McCleery, and the smell of spices coming from the kitchen...

...Quite relieved that my attempt at a raspberry was chopped off in the scanner.


  1. Thank you for those lovely comments on my blog, made my day! I'm loving your little fruit and veg drawings here and your blog is super cute too! I'm also jealous that your in one of my favourite cities in the uk!x

  2. Thanks Littletree! Bristol is a fantastic city, I am lucky to be nestled in to the harbourside stretch and there is always something creative going on! Where are you from? xx

  3. These are lovely. Good that your’e being productive. I’ve had a massive lull with my creativity, but it seems to be returning. Amused by the chopped off raspberry! It’s funny how some things are just really hard to get right! Hope you’re well :)

  4. Hi Dawn, I've given you an award, check out my blog for more details! And in reply to your comment im in Essex (the nicer part!), I had a few friends in bristol during uni so got to visit often and loved it! Rebecca aka littletreedesigns