Thursday, 5 May 2011

the cowshed

New stuff is materialising every day in the mad rush that is the final month of my degree!  Just gotta finish it!

Had fun with Joanna in the studio today.  Although I'm guilty of grumbling sometimes, I will miss being draped in fabric and trekking out to desolate fields with you when all this is over, Miss Cranwell.


  1. Haha! I am so sorry for dragging you all over the countryside and making you strip in public!! Fingers crossed it will all be worth it. Sophie and I were thinking how wonderful it would be if we could just DRAW!!! Oh wouldn't life be simple!!

    You work is just looking beautiful! Always does :)

  2. Thanks Joanna!!

    Ha ha, you guys have skills I wish that I had, so don't worry about that! Plus, drawing takes for-ev-er sometimes! And besides, you're both pretty talented when it comes to drawing anyway!

    ...It *will* be worth it. I am always impressed by your photographs, you have such a unique vision for these things!

  3. this is lovely. really love the subtle colouring :)